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Word documents

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Excel spreadsheets

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Work with anyone

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Working with others becomes easy !

With FlySuite applications, you create or open full-featured
Word documents & Excel spreadsheets (Microsoft format).

You can share your online documents or send offline copies to the people you want to work with.

Your collaborators don't need any software to view or edit your work, because FlySuite is automatically and freely launched when they open your files.

You can be alerted in real-time when a collaborator opens your document and start a conference chat in FlySuite applications

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Work anywhere

Working from different places becomes easy !

You can start in a few seconds on any computer a set of
full-featured office applications: word processor and spreadsheet on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and UNIX.

At your office, at home or in an Internet cafe, you access and edit your documents stored on FlySuite servers (1GB).

You can also use the applications Offline and save your documents on your computer or on any other storages.

Work securely

Secure your work !

When you invite collaborators to share a document or when you send copies, you can restrict permissions for each user.

You can choose if your collaborator can edit, save, save copies, print, copy/paste your document and you can set an expiration date.

You can save every edit of a document and roll back to any version.

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