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(( fly ))  Word 

Word Processor

Read and Write
Word documents

(( fly ))  Calc 


Read and Write
Excel spreadsheets

(( fly ))  Bases 


Read and Write
MS-Access databases

Free Search Tool

Instantly View and Compare Search Results

User Manual for FlySuite applications

Format a column

Select a data type for a column:

- Select "Text" if the column contains text data (characters strings)
- Select "Number" if the column contains numbers, (reals or integers)
- Select "Date" if the column contains dates (for example: 5/1/2008)
- Select "Counter" to automatically let FlyBases choose a new integer for each row (1,2, 3, ...)

Rename a column:

- To rename a column, enter a new name in the field "column name".

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