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Word Processor

Read and Write
Word documents

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Read and Write
Excel spreadsheets

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Read and Write
MS-Access databases

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User Manual for FlySuite applications

All FlySuite applications
  1. Download and install FlySuite applications: FlyWord or FlyCalc
  2. Log in to FlySuite
  3. Getting started by using task pane
  4. Open a file in FlySuite (File > Open)
  5. Save a file with a new name (File > Save As)
  6. Create a new document (File > New)
  7. Page Setup
  8. Print a file (File > Print)
  9. Spell check (Tools > Spelling)
  10. Change the font (Format > Font)
  11. Borders and background
  12. Send a file as an email attachment (File > Send attachment)
  13. Store a file on the online storage
  14. Invite a collaborator to share a file online (File > Send access)
  15. Access manager (File > Access manager)
  16. Save versions of a document (File > Versions)
  17. Export a document as a self opening file
  18. Real-time features (alerts and chat)

Word processor
  1. Format a paragraph (Format > Paragraph)
  2. Bullets and numbering (Format > Bullets & Numbering)
  3. Create and edit styles (Format > Style)
  4. Edit styles properties
  5. Insert a table (Table > Insert Table)
  6. Insert a page break or a section break (Insert > Break)
  7. Insert a special character (Insert > Special Character)

  1. Insert a formula
  2. Format a cell (Format > Cell)
  3. Set the columns width (Format > Columns Width)
  4. Set the rows height (Format > Rows height)
  5. Rename a sheet (Format > Sheet Name)
  6. Insert a function (Insert > Function)
  7. Delete rows and columns (Edit > Delete)
  8. Sort the data (Tools > Sort)

  1. Insert a table (Insert > Table)
  2. Rename a table (Format > Rename Table)
  3. Change the data type or the name of a column (Format > Column)

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